Marriage of rare and precious materials

Each piece in the Jade Royale collection is created to convey the ultimate messages of well-wishes, and to be loved, treasured, worn and passed down for generations.

History of Hetian Jade

The Hetian jade is closely associated with beauty and purity, and is a symbol of royalty and health. Touted as the gemstone of heaven and traditionally associated with royalty, top quality jade was often offered as tributes to emperors in ancient China.

Hetian Jade in jewellery

Creamy, pure white and flawless, Hetian Jade, a nephrite jade, is sourced from Hetian in Xinjiang, China which is renowned for its rare, and valuable jade. Considered the crème de la crème of jade, it is highly sought after by jewellery lovers and collectors.


Pieces from the Jade Royale collection bear intricate carvings of Jade and 999 Pure Gold, handcrafted using a traditional embedding technique. As both are rare and delicate materials, the setting of gold within the jade is an extremely intricate process.

Symbolism of precious materials

While gold is traditionally associated with wealth and prosperity, white jade symbolises beauty, grace and purity. It is interesting to note that Jade actually becomes more beautiful with prolonged wear.

Meaningful designs

Embracing the meaning of bliss, beauty, grace and sincerity symbolised by jade, the master craftsman specially selects Hetian jade pieces that are coveted for their auspicious shapes – perfectly round, leaf and gourd (hulu) - shaped.