Dream of Perfection

It took 30 years of research and development to perfect the craft of diamond cutting. The ALLOVE diamond was born with a revolutionary 81 facet cut, boasting 10 hearts and 10 arrows, symbolising Perfect Love.

Crafted in Belgium

ALLOVE diamonds are crafted by skillful mastercraftsman in Belgium, the diamond capital of the world. It bears the mark of artisinal spirit and the romanticism of Europe.

Love Inspirations

ALLOVE diamond embodies the ideals of Perfecting Love. The 10 perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows pattern symbolises all encompassing, wholesome love which withstands the test of time.


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Quality and Assurance

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ALLOVE diamonds are specially crafted with the latest diamond cutting technology and the skillful hands of an experienced craftsman. It takes an 2.3 times longer to cut as compared to a conventional 57 facet cut diamond.

81 Facet Cut

The patented 81 facet cut diamond results in perfectly aligned facets which eliminates light leakage for maximum light reflection, enhancing the diamond's sparkle.

10 hearts and 10 arrows

The result of the 81 facet cut is the stunning display of 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows, the iconic trademark of the ALLOVE Diamond. The 10 exacting hearts and arrows pattern are the perfect interpretation of an all encompassing love.

Maximum light reflection

Employing the latest technology in diamond cutting, the precisely aligned facets allows reflection of the full spectrum of colours. Unlike in conventional diamonds where some light leakage occurs at the side and bottom of the diamond.

Light leakage

The 81 facet cut eliminates light leakage points in the conventional diamond. This allows for maximum light reflection, which gives the ALLOVE Diamond a remarkable scintillation for the ultimate sparkle.

Quality and Assurance

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Concept and Heritage

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Diamond sourcing

ALLOVE diamonds are sourced from reputable and ethical diamond traders in South Africa, and go through stringent quality checks.Only 0.15% make the cut to become an ALLOVE diamond.

Patented in more than 100 countries

The ALLOVE diamond is one of the few diamonds in the world to be patented by more than 100 countries, including USA, Europe and Asia.

International Recognition

The ALLOVE Diamond comes with GIA certification and an internationally recognized light performance report.

Unique Identity

As a mark of gurantee, every ALLOVE diamond comes with a laser inscription of a unique identification number and the trademark ALLOVE hearts and arrows logo on the girdle.

Exclusive ALLOVE Diamond designs

Signature Setting - Perfect 10 For the perfect love

Artisanal designs inspired by romance, passion and perfect love.