SK Jewellery is proud to present an exciting collaboration with the ever lovable Disney Tsum Tsum characters. The Disney Tsum Tsum fine jewellery collection was specially created to reflect the charming personalities of the well-loved characters and are irresistibly adorable and fashionable.

Get creative and create your own unique stack
with your favourite Disney Tsum Tsum characters

Each intricate piece is masterfully crafted to reflect the fine details.

3D technology allows for each piece to appear more lifelike.

Be the talk of the town with your new and exciting personalized bracelet.

Which Disney Tsum Tsum character best represents your personality? Wear your favourite one close to heart with the 999 Pure Gold pendants, made with a gorgeous glittery texture which gleams with delight.

With excellent craftsmanship and technical expertise, our master craftsman etches out the intricate details of each beloved character, bringing them to life.

As the leader in 999 Pure Gold jewellery,
SK Jewellery has pushed
boundaries with creative use of
technology to create Tsum Tsum characters
in 99.9% gold, the purest form of gold.

SK Jewellery is the first jeweller to boldly introduce colour in traditional gold bar craftsmanship. With creative use of the latest technology, it has significantly enhanced the aesthetic appeal and revolutionized conventional gold bar design.

Collect these precious Disney Tsum Tsum treasures, crafted in 999 Pure Gold, holding real value.

Be amazed at the gorgeous holographic effects on the gold bar which is sure to WOW anyone who receives it as a gift!