The Proposal

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The Commitment

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Staying true to the brand’s belief that everyone deserves to shine, each piece of jewellery is meaningfully conceptualised and beautifully crafted.
Please feel free to speak with our SK Jewellery consultants, who are always ready to assist you by suggesting good design choices, after getting to know of your preferences.

With this ring, I give you my heart. From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.


Crafted to mesmerise with maximum brilliance, fire and outstanding sparkle, the revolutionary 81-facet ALLOVE Diamond is born after 30 years of research and development, coupled with the passion to perfect the craft of diamond cutting. Patented in more than 100 countries, the exceptional cut of the ALLOVE Diamond allows every facet of the diamond to reflect all the seven colours of light to achieve its superlative brilliance, fire and sparkle.


Each ALLOVE Diamond has 81 facets, resulting in the symmetrical pattern of 10 hearts and 10 arrows. It is the perfect interpretation of all-encompassing love, and an iconic trademark of the ALLOVE Diamond. The precisely aligned facets eliminate light leakage and increase light refraction within the diamond, enhancing its beauty to truly sparkle from within.

To have and to hold,
from this day forward.

How to choose your perfect diamond

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A Love Story

Each love story is extraordinary; every story narrates your journey of love, a reminiscence of the special moments you have shared together. Bask in our beloved collection of wedding bands, in all its exquisite detailed perfection, as we celebrate your love in the most delightful manner.

Each pair of Momento love bands encapsulates of the many memorable milestones shared between you and your significant other. Together, they create a personal love journey that speaks volumes about your affection that is truly special to you.

Inspired by the city of love, comes a collection of sleek and contemporary designs from Paris. The art of simplicity captures the mood of romance beautifully, each design a fairytale, fascinating and bedazzling.

Inspired by true, resilient and everlasting love, Romanzo wedding bands are made of hypoallergenic, high purity platinum and rose gold. Esteemed for its durability, platinum will last forever, and its colour never changing or fading, thereby encapsulating the very essence of eternal and unwavering love.

A merry-go-round of infinite love

Symbolising a love that lasts forever, bask in our blissful collection of classic and timeless eternity rings, featuring rows of never-ending diamonds that take your breath away.